History of SMPC

Two Locations, Renovations, and Lots of Jubilation!

Starting Small

Sampson’s Mills began as a gathering of people in 1893 before getting a church building in 1902.  The official church charter was granted in 1925 making Sampson’s Mills Presbyterian Church an official part of what was then Versailles Borough, but now is called White Oak.

Time to Move and Grow

Over the next 25 years, the church grew and flourished so much that their physical space could no longer hold everything and everyone involved.  In 1957, they purchased the property on Lincoln Way and started to build the building we all now know as Sampson’s Mills.  The building was constructed in two parts.  The “Christian Eduation Building” as it was called then was the first to be built with the fellowship hall serving as the Worship space for Sunday mornings.  The sanctuary that we know now was built in 1972.

We Are the Church

The church is much more than a building with stained glass windows.  The congregation at Sampson’s Mills is what makes the church what it is.  From it’s very beginning, the church has been filled with people of faith with strong hearts for God and a desire to grow God’s kingdom right here in White Oak.

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary to pause in-person gatherings, Sampson’s Mills never missed a beat with continuing to BE the church.  Our online presence soared and we quickly saw the value in being able to minister to those unable to attend in person.  During the height of the pandemic, we had virtual worship and learned how to create sacred spaces in our home to draw closer to God in the trying times. 

The Church Continues in a New Era

Sampson’s Mills continues to thrive in White Oak with a very community centered focus.  We understand that the key to living in God’s kingdom is not to look inward, but to look outward and meet people where they are.  We have learned the value to being connected to one another and building community through relationships and partnerships with other organizations.  We strive to be a church where everyone feels welcome, whether it’s your first Sunday or your hundreth year.  Thanks be God for the journey thus far and may Thy Word continue to light our path.

SMPC Vision: We embrace our call to love and serve Jesus Christ as we cultivate community and empower our neighbors.